Xero Integration
Akanksha Rathod
2018-24-01 4:07 pm

Integrate Xero with this system follow the following steps:

1. Signup for Xero account i.e. www.xero.com.
2. add company and details for which xero is to be integrate.
3. for connecting to xero app you need to login https://developer.xero.com  under my app need to add application.
4. Xero has three types of API applications: Private, Public and Partner. 
   The authorisation process is different depending on the type of application you use The guide below gives some pointers on 
   selecting the type that fits your requirements best. 
5. How to setup a Private application
   5.1  Generate a public/private key-pair for use with your application.
   5.2  Login to the Xero Developer portal which is located at https://api.xero.com
   5.3  Go to the My Applications > Add Application screen in the Xero Developer portal to add your application.
   5.4  Select “Private” and enter a name for your application
   5.5  Choose your organisation from the drop down list
   5.6  Upload the public certificate (.cer file) you generated in step one.
   5.7  Choose save. You will now have a Consumer Key to use for your application.
5. How to setup a Public application
    5.1 Login to the Xero Developer portal
    5.2 Go to the My Applications > Add Application screen to add your application.
    5.3 Select “Public” and enter a name for your application and the URL of your company.
    5.4 Optionally you can enter a callback domain. This will be used to verify the callback url you specify when authorising is allowed.
    5.5 Choose save. You’ll now be shown your OAuth credentials.


5. How to setup a Partner application
   5.1  Start by registering a public application.
   5.2  Register your interest in becoming a partner and to apply to have your application upgraded to a partner application. Approved developers will be sent 5.3  further details about how to complete this process.
   5.4  Once your application has been upgraded you have to upload your Xero public key. See signing requests below.
 6. after adding application you will get 
6.1 consumer key 
6.2 consumer secret key 
6.3 application name
Note: After the successful adding of the Xero account go to:

Path: Settings/Staff Section/Team/Integration/Xero/Select Yes.

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