Livechat Integration
Akanksha Rathod
2018-24-01 4:10 pm

In order to integrate Livechat with Vision Helpdesk followthe following steps:

Step 1] Login to your Livechat account :

Step 2] Go to My profile >> Edit and select For developers tab from the top. (You will get Login and API key from here.)

Step 3] Log-in to Vision Helpdesk Manage Portal, Settings >>Integrations >> Livechat


Domain for which the Livechat is to be integrated is to be selected from the drop down.


Login that one gets from the Livechat needs to be entered here. (From Step2)

API key:

API key that one gets from Livechat needs to be entered here. (From Step 2)


The script for Livechat can be entered from here.


The status can be either enabled or disabled from here.

The changes can be saved by the Save option and can be deleted by the Delete option.

The staffs are

now able to see all the details of Livechat conversation on the Manage portal.

The symbol for it gets displayed on the header menu for the manage portal.

How it works : 1] Client can able to chat using Livechat window. 2] Staff can see domain wise chat details on Livechat section from header menu on manage portal. 3] If staff want to convert their chat conversations into ticket then open particular chat & select convert to ticketoption which is at the right side of the page.

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